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Richness in Quality

Yarn Glory, the business firm with the eponymous brand, happened in 2004, to create and enhance the earning capabilities of Handloom weavers across different ethnic communities in North Eastern India without endangering the preservation of the rich heritage of artistic weaving. 


The quest is to blend the traditional with contemporary sensibilities to create a range of diversified products having unique modified designs and colorways. 


Eri Silk

Our primary yarn is Eri silk, drawn from cocoons without killing the worm, colored in dyes derived from natural extracts and handwoven by women.


The viability and longterm sustainability of our model is based on skill and capacity building of weavers and adoption of business practices and processes which are fair, ethical and eco friendly.

unique design

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Our Origins.

Our founder, Anannya Sharma is a textile designer from Assam, India. In her journey of twenty-five years as a textile designer she has worked in design studios, freelanced for exporters and textile manufacturers, taught in the India Institute of Handloom Technology and now, has found her calling and fulfilment working with the weavers in this region of the country.

Our principles.

Business that empowers everyone.

Anannya’s work encompasses engaging with the different ethnic cultural communities to preserve their rich heritage of artistic handloom weaving. Her model of “social business” involves capacity building of women weavers to generate livelihood by imparting improved weaving skills, adopting modified designs and colour schemes and creating a range of diversified products which are at once market friendly and remunerative. 


Anannya has several livelihood clusters in different villages consisting of tribal and non-tribal weavers who weave the products on silk and cotton. Her products from silk have the unique property of being completely eco-friendly. The silk, called ‘eri’ is drawn without killing the silkworm and the dyes used are extracted from different herbs, fruits, flowers, bark of trees and vegetables. Anannya’s products on display, are items of garments and household furnishing woven in silk and cotton by indigent weavers of this north-eastern region of India.